Each product that Alphavedic launches is a problem solver in itself.


Alphavedic stands out for 3 main reasons: 


  1. Proven Results. 
  2. A healthy repeat customer rate of 75%.
  3. Customer-Centric Policy: Free Doctor consultation on a request basis by customers and easy return and refund policy. 


We are on a mission to solve people hair and skin problems naturally with proven results without any side effects

Alphavedic “Secret beauty of Ayurveda ”

Founded in Mumbai, India in 2019 Alphavedic has sought to bring authentic beauty and wellness to there would, globally promoting Anti-Pollution, Organic and Natural Products.

Working with Organic tradition, Both co-founders of Alphavedic were inspired to serve people with the product which is anti-pollution because they believe skin and hair are the first things exposed to pollution.


Speaking on the launch of the products, spokesperson Shrey Jain, Co-Founder of Alphavedic said, ”Alphavedic was born for two reasons: first to bring 100% organic products to the consumers for better skin and hair and second is to make customers believe in natural products and the importance of pure ingredients in their daily life. We aim to meet the increasing demand for healthy skin and hair care solutions in the market and try to bring more and more organic products as the rising importance of organic products  is expected to grow more in India now.” 

Dr Vivek Mehta, Consultant Face & Hair Cosmetic Doctor & Co-Founder of Alphavedic Corporation, said,

“Organic product users have a healthy lifestyle. We could see a strong desire among men and women to retain youthful appearances that have groomed and nurtured the cosmetics industry, worldwide. The perception that organic products are healthier, motivates consumers to add more organic products in their daily routine. Therefore, we introduced Alphavedic  products because “organic” comes first and foremost with a “clean label.”


Reason Behind the Name:

A lot of thought and planning has gone into naming the company. The word ‘Alpha’ means 'A Leader' and ‘Vedic’ means ‘coming from Vedas’ and thus it combines our ancient knowledge of Ayurveda. Put together to form the name “AlphaVedic.” We have thoughtfully kept this name as we see ourselves as the future leaders in the market of Ayurveda. We make sure that the customers who are using our products are thrilled with what they receive as Customer Satisfaction is our priority.


Why we say ”We are happy to help you to our Customer”:

We understand the needs of our customer by Identifying what’s our customer needs, distributing them their needs at profitable & cheapest price. Collecting theirs reviews personally, through this we try to make our services best.


Also Providing our customer FREE Consultation from Dr. Vivek Mehta (Consultant Face & Hair Cosmetic Doctor).


Our team of experts is always a call, an email or a message away from providing more information and spot-on advice to recommend and help you choose the best Alphavedic products for hair & Skin, wellbeing. Get in touch; we are Happy to help you!


Our Mission:


We are on a mission to beautify people naturally with proven results. Which makes them confident, beautiful and flawless without any side effect. While building Alphavedic, our mission was to create every single product by making use of safe, good quality and natural ingredients. We continuously strive to give our customers products that will delight them and bring the maximum benefits to them. We have a team of experts who work consistently for creating such natural and pure products with the best Ayurvedic ingredients to maximise the effectiveness of the product. We intend on keep protecting our natural environment from the slightest harm. We also make products which are Paraben & Sulphate free, which makes them highly beneficial for healthy skin, healthy body and leading a healthy life.

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