We believe in re-imagining the ancient wisdom of Indian wellness for the modern lifestyle. Our mission is to bring the traditional, holistic practices of Ayurveda to a global audience in a way that is relevant and accessible. We strive to create natural, effective products that help people live healthier, happier lives while also staying true to our roots and honoring the cultural heritage of India

Alphavedic Products are specially designed to treat your hair & skin in the most natural ways using pure, unadulterated, and non-toxic ayurveda products. Alphavedic aim is to provide our customers and especially youngsters who often face hair & skin related problems, a naturally healthy and glowing skin which makes them feel more confident about themselves. Our motto is to bring people close to nature and closer to their natural self.

  • Handpicked in India

  • Climate & Plastic

  • Packaged Fresh
    At The Source

  • Shipped Direct To
    Your Doorstep


  • Providing high-quality Ayurvedic products
  • Caring for customers, farmers, and the environment
  • Using sustainable and ethical practices in sourcing ingredients and production
  • Holistic approach to promoting well-being
  • Improving lives through both product effectiveness and responsible business conduct


We plant a tree for every purchase, promoting sustainability and a greener future

Experience The Purity In A
Whole New Light


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