Do You Miss Your Good Night Sleep? Try These…

Do You Miss Your Good Night Sleep? Try These…

Sleep and stress are inversely proportionate. Stress needs no excuse to make a home in your head. Be it your exam pressure or meeting office deadlines or even certain health factors can induce stress and anxiety which can end up ruining your sleep cycle. Unstable sleep pattern has been a major concern for most in today’s time. Insomnia and irregular sleep have affected almost all of us. Pills, reducing caffeine intake, and spending on mattresses and stuff might help for a while but there’s another solution which is highly effective and is even easy on pockets they are natural and don’t cause drowsiness or other side effects typically associated with sleep medication.

There has been a procedure, aroma therapy, which was carried forward generation after generation to get away with stress and anxiety. The main product being used is an essential oil which is an extract from plants and has several methods of usage. While some soothe your brain, certain essential oils energize and refresh the body and the mind. When you inhale an essential oil, it strikes the cords of the olfactory which then sends signals to the part of the brain handling emotions and stress.

The essential oil has been a traditional remedy used by practitioners in aroma therapy. Studies have shown that when used in an appropriate amount, essential oils may act as a sedative, calm and relax the agitated mind. There are several methods by which these oils can be made to use. It can either be used for massage with a carrier oil (majorly coconut, jojoba and olive. For every one drop of essential oil, you should add a teaspoon of carrier oil.) or it can be used as a diffuser to spread the aroma around the corners of the room. Also, you can put a few drops on your pillow before going to bed. Here’s a list of oils which you may want to try your hands on. 

Lavender oil

One of the most famous and commonly used, lavender oil helps to reduce insomnia also improves the regularity of sleep. Apart from the betterment of the sleep cycle, it also helps with anxiety, improving heart rate, and even temperature. Studies have shown that inhaling lavender oil can also help with depression and fatigue. It also has anti-inflammatory properties thus making it useful for curing respiratory disorders like throat infections, cough, cold and flu. And not just the sleep, this oil can help even out the menstrual cramps.

Chamomile oil

Few recent studies have shown that chamomile oil has been effective in improving sleep quality. A cup of chamomile tea has been a popular remedy to reduce pains and relax the mind thus inducing sound sleep. Chamomile contains the flavonoid apigenin which has sedative effects. The sweet aroma when diffused in the air can relax your mind thus keeping anxiety and stress at bay. Chamomile tea has been best known to level out mood swings, whereas, the oil when applied topically can soothe anger and agitations. In ancient times, this oil was used to cure fever and a hot water bath of this oil helped ease sinus issues.

Peppermint oil

Anxiety or stress is not always the reason for a spoiled sleep schedule, at times some internal factors can also affect your sleep such as a blocked nose or irritation due to due allergy. During such situations, diffusing peppermint oil in the air can not only open up your clogged nose but can also help ease restlessness due to allergies. It also has anti-inflammatory effects thus combating pain. 

Clary sage oil

Extracted from a herb, clary sage oil has sedative and soothing qualities and is often suggested for a sound sleep. It has been in use for years for physical and mental wellness. It is often used before meditation for focused and clear-vision mind and alertness. Spiritual trainers reach out to clary sage oil to boost the creativity and intuitive path of the brain. A recent study shows that Clary Sage can help manage cortisol levels and calm the mind, improves self-esteem and boosts sleep quality as well as mood. It is often recommended for mild depression or agitation as It helps to reduce nervousness and fear. 

Sandalwood oil

Widely used in aroma sticks, perfumes, room fresher and incense, sandalwood oil alleviates stress and anxiety, promotes calmness of mind and improves focus. It is because of the sedative and muscle relaxant properties of the oil that it is considered highly antispasmodic. Research has shown that using sandalwood oil can effectively manage stress and result in a sound sleep cycle. It has sedative effects which promote reduce wakefulness making it a great essential oil for insomnia.


Even though aroma therapy has been round the corner for ages, before you dive deep into it, it is highly recommended to test different oils and procedures. While applying topically, do a patch test and give it a 24-hour time. Not one method works for all. Some oil might caution irritation while in some cases, blending two or more oils works well.

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