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  • Why your shampoo might be causing dandruff and itching
     Dandruff can occur due to many reasons. It can be due to any medical condition, use of wrong hair care product, hormonal imbalance or it can also be genetical. • Scalp condition- one of the leading condition which can cause dandruff is a scalp condition known as seborrhea can dermatitis. People with such condition have irritated, oily scalp and are more prone to dandruff. The...

    Why your shampoo might be causing dandruff and itching

  • Onion Hair Oil
    Everyone wishes to have healthy and beautiful hair. But, in dusty atmosphere, it becomes challenging to maintain your hair. Even if you treat yourselves with tons of hair treatments and experiments, you cannot create the natural quality of your hair.Hair fall is also one of the significant issues faced especially by ladies nowadays. No matter how much you cover and protect your hair with...

    Onion Hair Oil

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