Alert: These Harmful Substances Have Been Causing Several Deadly Diseases.

Alert: These Harmful Substances Have Been Causing Several Deadly Diseases.

Glamour comes with a cost and so does that glam look. No it's not the money which needs to be mentioned but the most precious one, health. Eating healthy and fresh has always been a said notion to keep your health in check but did you know that other than what you are putting in your body what you apply on your body matters as well? From normal moisturisers to high-end make-up products, every cosmetic product has several chemicals which can cause severe health hazards. Look out for these substances in your favourite product and bid goodbye if you find any of these in it.

Artificial fragrance: found mostly in all personal skincare products, the artificial fragrance is a combination of hundreds and even thousands of combination of ingredients to create a certain scent. Mentioned as simply fragrance or perfume, it can act as a carcinogen, allergic substances, certain hormone disrupters and irritants.

Parabens: found in water-based products, parabens act as a preservative and hinders the growth of bacteria. It acts as a hormone disrupters, basically estrogen. They can mimic estrogen hormone and cause hormonal imbalances and even breast cancer. Found in lotions, shampoos, moisturises, shower gels and even soaps. Some of the parabens forms are methylparaben, propylparaben and isopropyl paraben.

Formaldehyde: usually found in nail polishes, body wash, cleansers and shampoos, it is used primarily to stop bacterial growth, this preservative chemical can provoke nasal and/or nasopharyngeal cancer. Formaldehyde might cause skin allergies and even affect the immune system.

Toluene: majorly listed as benzene, toluol, phenylmethane and methylbenzene, toluene are found in nail paints and hair colours/bleaches. If affects the respiratory system and might cause skin irritation. Pregnant women should specifically stay away from products containing toluene vapours as it may lead to developmental damage in the foetus.

Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)/ sodium Laureth sulfate (SLES): present in shampoos, face washes, skincare products and even in some kinds of toothpaste, basically used as a foaming agent, SLS and SLES are skin, eyes and lung irritants. Nitrosamine, by-products of sulphation are known to be carcinogenic agents. It can further cause kidney and respiratory damages.

Be a wise buyer. Before picking up any product inspired by an advertisement or recommendation or even if you are using it for a long time and find it best suited for your skin, read the labels and check if its good for your health in long run.

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