Human body facts

10 facts you did not know about your body

1. Skin regeneration- you may have heard about dead skin cell, well that really is a thing. On a average, human cells regenerate itself in almost 27 days and this may go on throughout your life span.

2. Average hair fall- though hair fall has been a common problem faced by almost all of us, did you know losing a few strands a day is in fact normal? Yes, according to studies a normal person loses around 50-100 hair strands average in a day. If more aggressive, it is a matter of concern.

3. Eyes- one of the major sense organ and most attractive part of our face, eyes are mysterious in their own ways. Did you know your eye ball size remains the same throughout the year?

4. Stomach acid- it can dissolve a razor. Research studies have shown that the gastric juices in your stomach can have strong effect on metals within 24 hours or so. It was found that the gastric juice could reduce the weight of the razor blade by almost 60-65% of their original weight.

5. Ears- that gross stuff you remove from your ears with earbuds and Q-tips actually helps to protect your ear. You heard me right, the awful earwax protects your ear from dirts and infections. It is mostly composed of fat and catches the dust and pollutants thus letting your ear stay healthy.

6. Bones- we’ve all read that a human body is made up of 206 bones. But that’s just one third of what you were born with. We are born with around 300 bones with fuses together as we grow old.

7. Tongue print- every human being is unique in their own ways. Just like you have your unique finger prints, you have your very own tongue print which differs from other. Yes this thing exists.

8. Decomposition- when we die, the decomposition takes place in just around 4-5 minutes. It is also known as self-digestion where the enzymes and bacteria in our body starts to eat us up.

9. Pinky finger- the smallest of all fingers, your pinky finger is responsible for almost 50% of your hand’s strength.

10. Mouth- human body has has many bacteria living inside them but did you know that the number of bacteria your mouth beholds is more than total number of humans living in the whole wide world.

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