Oil to cure hair problems

5 Best Ayurvedic Hair Oil To Cure Hair Problems.

Hair problems such as hair fall, frizz, dryness, thinning and discolouration has been one of the major issues faced by almost all of us. The reason could be many, lifestyle, unhealthy diet, medication, medical condition. While lifestyle and an unhealthy diet have an immense impact on damaging the hair, certain health problems and medications can lead to hair fall and dryness. Although the reason can be many, there is always a solution to a problem. Here’s a list of best hair oils which you may want to try to get your thick, shiny and lustrous hair back.
1. Alphavedic coconut oil- this has been an age-old remedy to treat any kind of hair problem. From moisturising your scalp to cure dryness to regrowth of new hair, coconut oil is one of the best oils. If you are suffering from dandruff or thinning of hair or hair fall, extra virgin cold press coconut oil is to go for. To get the best out of it, warm coconut oil and massage it gently onto your scalp 30 minutes before shampoo or you can even keep it overnight.

2. Alphavedic onion oil- one of the best ingredient to fight hair fall and promote regrowth is the onion. Both onion seeds and onion are quite effective to get rid of hair related issues. The sulphur present in onion is the reason for the miracle effect and make your hair shiner and adds volume as well. Alphavedic onion hair oil is an ayurvedic product and is a therapeutic blend of other essential oil as well for the added benefit.

3. Indulekha bhringa hair oil- yet another star product for hair regrowth is indulekha bhringa hair oil. This too is an ayurvedic product. Prepared from bhringraj, known best for hair growth, Amla which strengthens the hair follicle and avoids premature greying of hair and many other ingredients. Other than being packed with essential nutrients, it comes with a very unique nozzle which makes it easier to apply. To better results use it thrice a week for 4 months.

4. Mamaearth root restore hair oil- made with a combination of several essential and herbal hair oils such as olive oil, almond oil, rosemary oil, bhringraj oil and jojoba oil, mama earth root restore hair oil is completely chemical-free and is ideal to treat damaged hair. It restores the strength of the roots and controls frizz and split ends.

5. Forest essential ayurvedic oil- enriched with black sesame seed oil and virgin coconut oils, this hair oil has several herbs such as bhrigraj, Brahmi, Heena and mulethi. It helps to grow back the lost hair, maintains the shine, colour and texture of the hair as well as strengths the roots. It contains 0% sulphates, parabens formaldehyde or any such harmful chemicals.

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