Our Story

Our Mission

To accelerate world transition to Organic lifestyle with Highest quality ingredients available and best price possible. 

Our Vision

Imagine a world in which every single human being is connected back to nature and confident within themselves.Where they no longer follow the beauty stigma society sets. That’s true freedom.  


1.Activate self esteem 

2. Protect the plant (We Plant A tree on behalf of every purchase made by our custmors from day 1.)


4. Extra mile customer service 

5. Growth

Story Of Alphavedic

Being unconfident and shy about my skin texture and color myself , at the age of 28 i started being confident with my own self but i Always noticed the same problem around in school then college. Means a whole generation going through the same phase. It's definitely not the fault of society , this is just the fault of all the beauty brands which have been selling different concepts of beauty for years. So we decided to open our own beauty brand which makes the people confident with their own skin and texture. They should feel naturally confident and what defines nature better than ayurveda. Since then we have been implementing ayurvedic way of life in people so smoothly that they don't even realise and they feel super confident about themselves and We keep on inspiring people to become a greater version of themselves. Not becoming or trying to become like what's projected by the brands.  

Founded in February, 2019 with objective to rekindle the use of organic and natural ayurvedic products in people’s daily care routine at an affordable price. Alphavedic Products are specially designed to treat your hair & skin in the most natural ways using pure, unadulterated, and non-toxic ayurveda products. Alphavedic aim is to provide our customers and especially youngsters who often face hair & skin related problems, a naturally healthy and glowing skin which makes them feel more confident about themselves. Our motto is to bring people close to nature and closer to their natural self.
The best benefits

Benefits for our customers

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Only Neccessary Ingredients are used.

We make sure that purity is what reaches our customers Each and every mix is thoroughly tested before it is approved for commercial sales.

Our Team


Shrey Jain



Shruti Khare



Varad Dudheria


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