Under Eye Cream 50 gm & Gulab Jal 100 ml Combo

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Alphavedic Under Eye Cream is developed specifically to offer the best treatment to skin under the eyes. Most of the time, we are so bustling dealing with our facial skin that we ignore the skin under the eyes. This skin is progressively inclined to age and wrinkles even with the littlest change in our body. Accordingly, Alphavedic has thought of a one of a kind natural eye care cream, which offers great protection to skin under your eyes. Besides, our Ayurvedic under eye cream for dark circles doesn’t contain any destructive synthetic compounds, so there are no unfavourable impacts. And so, use Alphavedic Under Eye Cream on a regular basis to get better results.


Extra Benefits of Alphavedic Under Eye Cream

1. Fades Dark Circles.
2. Reduce Hyperpigmentation.
3. Brightens the skin beneath the eyes.
4. Reduces under-eye bags.
5. Reduces puffiness.
6. Nourish the skin.
7. Keep the skin moisturized.
8. Prevent dullness.
9. Rejuvenating effect on the skin tissues.
10. Promoting anti-ageing actions.
11. It controls excess oil secretion.

Extra Benefits for Soothing Skin

1. 100% Natural.
2. Balance skin PH.
3. Tightens pores.
4. Reduces oiliness.
5. Natural astringent.
6. Reduces skin redness.
7. Enhances mood.
8. Relieves headache.
9. Helps prevent and treats the infection.
10. Heals cuts, scars, and burns.
11. Has anti-ageing properties.



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Under Eye Cream 50 gm & Gulab Jal 100 ml Combo
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