Why Do Companies Launch Sudden Offers And Sale Seasons Without Any Occasions!


While shopping is a necessity for some, it’s a mode of unloading stress for others. Be it clothes, cosmetics or any personal care products, happiness is buying your favourite stuff. What’s more? Getting the best deals on your favourite brands. For a shopaholic like me, festivals are just an excuse to shop more and get our favourite items at pocket-friendly prices. The joy is beyond description, isn’t? Even if you’re not on a shopping spree, it becomes really hard to resist the oh-so-tempting deals.

Although people wait for sale and discounts like a season, you might find some companies giving discounts on their products without any occasions. Few companies launch offers and deals like buy two pay for one or buy two get one free or additional discounts up to 50-60%. This may sound exciting and bizarre at the same time but it’s true. You may want to grab the best deals before its gone, here’s a list of reasons behind such huge discounts without any occasions.

  • The company wants to spike its sales. Discounts are basic marketing strategies to increase their sales. You would obviously buy two products at the price of just one, wouldn’t you? This way they will have more footfall and gradually more sales.

  • Clearance sale. Some companies might put up their old merchandises to clear the stock to make space for the newer ones. Often you will find a limited section of discounted products and majorly of ‘fresh’ or ‘new arrivals’.

  • The products are nearing their expiry dates. This can be one of the major reasons for massive discounts on some products. Check the manufacturing dates and expiry dates before owning it. The flashy discount banner might be too tempting to check the dates but it is necessary.

  • The products are of cheap quality. This can be a trap. At times people make fake products using a brand’s name and sell the products at unimaginable prices, almost half the price or even less. Check the authenticity before buying them.

  • The company might be in a loss. There are times when a few companies are drowned in huge losses and are at the verge of shutting down. They may sell off their products are even lesser than the actual cost price.

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