Weekly hair care routine everyone should follow.


To get long, silky, shiny and healthy hair is every girl’s dream. In today’s time when hair problems like damaged hair or hair fall is a major concern, getting the good health of your mane is not quite impossible. With a little extra care and love, you too can get that shiny lustrous and strong hair which is often shown on commercial ads to promote hair products. Although the ones in those advertisements aren’t real but getting strong frizz-free hair isn’t that tough job. hers’s a list of things or rather a weekly habit you might want to include in your day to day activity to improve the quality and quantity of your hair.

Oiling- one of the most underrated processes for healthy hair is oiling. Remember how your mother and grandmother pampered your hair with warm oil massage? Massaging your scalp for at least 15-20 minutes with warm oil improves circulation. Oils are enriched with minerals thus improving your hair quality and it does intact the moisture of the tresses. You can apply oil an hour before washing your hair or keep it overnight as well. Do this at least once or twice a week. Coconut oil is the best ingredient for your hair.

Washing- this might seem a little less important but how you wash your hair and how often do you wash it matters a lot when it comes to hair care regime. If you have dry hair, limit washing your hair just once a week as washing your hair almost every day makes it dry and you may even lose out on the natural oil of your hair. Next, is how do you wash your hair? Go gentle on those sophisticated strands. Apply shampoo twice to the maximum.

Deep conditioning- this process is overlooked by most of us. Conditioning is as important as cleansing your hair. Apply a conditioner after shampooing followed by a leave-in serum for the added benefit. You may even go for a deeply nourishing mask once a week. Conditioner makes your hair smooth and frizz-free thus avoiding tangles and breakage.

Give it a break- once a week, give your hair a break from all the styling tools and equipment. Let them air dry, avoid any hairstyles and sprays. Keep the styling equipment such as dryers and straighteners or curlers away for that one day. Let your hair breathe and chill naturally.

Trimming- every time you visit the salon for hair treatment, the first thing you hear is, “you should get your hair trimmed once in every three months”. While this may sound like a marketing strategy but it is not. Trimming your hair in six to eight months keeps split ends at bay thus promoting good hair growth.

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