Undue Benefit Companies are making during Corona Crisis

Undue Benefit Companies are making during Corona Crisis

COVID-19 or the novel corona virus has hit almost entire world badly. First case was reported in Wuhan, China and since then there’s no stopping for this deadly infection. It has claimed several deaths worldwide and the count is increasing every hour. Researches are being conducted in most of the labs and the expert teams are putting their best foot forward to curb this virus. Leaving no stone unturned to find a treatment and end this pandemic once and for all.

But amidst this mayhem, while all health care experts are going an extra mile day in and day out selflessly, there are a few companies who are taking this calamity as once in a lifetime opportunity. When the world needs urgent solution and something that can reach one and all, certain pharmaceutical companies are busy filling their pockets. Although a sure shot vaccine or medicine for the novel coronavirus or COVID-19 is yet to be discovered, WHO has advised people to follow necessary preventive measures to keep this deadly disease at bay. One of the main precautions are to wash your hands frequently or use a sanitizer and wear a mask.

Now after the circulation of this news, several companies instead of being of any help to the society cared only about their business and profits. Within a blink of an eye the prices of sanitizers and masks hit the ceiling. A small pocket sized sanitizers were sold twice and even thrice the original prices because demand increased. Masks of cheaper rates too had price hike. Rather than lowering the price and increasing the supply, all these few companies did were to increase the price.

The problem wasn’t the price hike only. Amid these, people went crazy and stocked the every day’s essential stuff, some purchased for more than a month. Bulk purchasing led to minimal or no stock left for others to buy. Toilet papers, sanitizers, groceries and other essential items went out of stock. This step might have been taken out of panic wondering that the nation might undergo lockdown. But understand, even if the lockdown happens, stores of everyday essential will be open. And by doing this you are depriving others of their requirements.

Not just the essential stuff but people have purchased masks unnecessarily as well. Do not buy a mask if you’re not suffering from any health issues or you’re not stepping out of your house. Leave it for those who need it more than you. The doctors and people infected with the virus need it more. Productions have increased but things take time, till than act wisely.

This might be a tough time but we need to fight it together. Stay quarantine if you’ve returned from abroad. Isolate yourself for at least 14 days. Wash your hands frequently. Wear a mask if you’re ill or suffering from any viral infection. Even if you’re healthy and have no travel history, stay home until urgent. Companies have ordered work from home, government has asked to follow safety measures issued by WHO. Act wisely, we need to fight this together.

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