Love Is In The Hair!


When it comes to beauty the next thing that comes after a healthy skin is hair. To have thick, lustrous and healthy hair is everyone’s dream. In today’s time, hair problem has been one of the leading issues faced by most of us. Other than hair fall or frizzy or dry hair, one thing that bothers us the most is bad hair day. Curly hair girls want straight hair and vice versa. They opt for straighteners and curling iron rods. But one most important thing is to love your hair the way it is. It is the basic step towards self-love.

  • Fix the problem- find out the cause of your hair problem. Be it hair fall, frizziness, dry scalp or even dandruff. Is it because of some kind of medications or the shampoo that we use is not suitable for your hair type? Identify the reason and fix it rather than blaming your hair for not being in good shape.

  • Natural beauty is something- put that straighteners and curling rods and blow dryers away as much as possible. They might make your hair look the best for a while but damages the strands in the long run. Your hair looks the best when left on its own. Your hair adds more to the uniqueness in your personality.

  • Find your style- though nothing beats the natural look, if you want to try something new, you can choose some of the hairstyles best suited for a certain type of hair. Like a messy bun for curly hair or various stylish braids are perfect for the straight ones. You can even go for a new haircut.

  • The simple rule- the basic tool to rock the natural hair look is to have healthy lustrous hair and to attain that you need to follow a simple step, do not overdo with your hair products. Use minimal shampoo. Just as much is required and is enough. Gently massage the shampoo on your scalp, it improves circulations and be gentle on the strands as well to avoid tangles and breakage.

  • Use the right product- when it comes to skincare, you are quite sensitive. Well, your hair deserves the same kind of love. Don’t be harsh and use anything and everything just for the sake of trying. You see a certain shampoo ad and use it because it worked well for your friend. It doesn’t need to work for you as well. Use products with minimal harmful chemicals.

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