How To Get Rid Of Hangover This Party Week.


 While you party like there’s no tomorrow, the following morning is just the opposite. You dance your heart out, gulp down drinks after drinks but the situation gets worse when the sun goes up. Immense headache, nausea, dizziness. The hangover is quite painful. This festive season we bring to you a few home remedies to overcome the post-party effect.

Ginger- drinks might cause nausea and upset stomach. Ginger has been a proven remedy to cure upset stomach and reset digestion. Treat yourself with ginger tea, ginger ale or if you can, chew about an inch of raw ginger or even pickled ginger will do.

Honey lemon- while honey balances the sugar loss due to alcohol, lemon boosts the immune system. Boil a cup of water, add one tablespoon of honey and around a half teaspoon of lemon juice. You can drink this throughout the day. Try to load up on water as liquors tend to cause water loss and headache is one of the major symptoms of dehydration.

Fresh fruits- especially apples and bananas are best to have to cut off the hangover. Bananas restore the lost minerals and electrolytes due to alcohol in the body and apple help in treating gas and bloating. You can even try a fresh fruits shake with a tablespoon on honey instead of sugar.

Mild exercise and shower- although it is tough to get up and move a muscle but idea is to get the alcohol out of your body and a mild exercise results in sweating which causes excretion of toxins. Next hit the showers, it not only gives you a feeling a refreshment but it too might help you get rid of the toxins. Beware don’t overdo it.

Sleep- we understand it is hard to get up with that acute headache and your body too needs some rest after an unbeatable party night. Sleep for an extra hour or as long as you feel like. Give your body it’s time to re-energize.

Hit the dance floor, enjoy the festive season but know your limits when it comes to drinking. Don’t overdo it. To avoid a hangover, eat something before you pick the glass of your favourite liquor. This helps to decrease the post drink effects.


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