How To Defend Your Skin from Pollution

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While urban lifestyle brings about much comfortable stuff, it makes our life a bit more complicated and troublesome at times as well. One of the major drawback of the increasing rate of pollution in the environment. It has an adverse effect on our health and the first organ to take this bullet is our skin. The harmful chemicals emitted from the industries, cars, electronic device and many more can hamper the skin health. But to every problem, there is a solution and we have 5 simple steps that you can follow to defend your skin against the harmful pollution.


1. Sunscreen- harmful UV rays when mixed with the pollutants can cause severe damage to the skin. To protect your skin, never go out in the skin without applying a good sunscreen lotion. The ones with SPF 30 and above are highly recommended.

2. Scrub- the pollutants tend to block the pores making your skin lose its skin and even causes acne. Wash your face with cold water twice a day and use a gentle scrub at least once or twice a week to remove the dirt off your skin. You can even use the one with activated charcoal for a better result.

3, Hydrate- prolong exposure to pollutants can snatch away the moisture from the skin. Drink a generous amount of water. It will also help flush out the toxins from your body. You can even have detox water to get the extra benefits of antioxidants which will help your skin to glow and make it look younger.

4. Sleep with no makeup on- the pollution in the air is enough to cause damage to the skin, do add more to it by sleeping with the makeup on. Remove every bit of it off your face before going to bed. Give your skin some time to breathe and rejuvenate.

5. Moisturise- pollution draws out the nutrients and shine from your skin. To retain it back, never forget to moisturise your skin day and night. There are several chemical-free night cream available in the market which can help you make your skin healthier and protect it from losing its moisture thus avoiding dull and dark patches on your face.

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