Healthy things to do During Quarantine Time

Healthy things to do During Quarantine Time

COVID-19 or the novel corona virus has hit the world creating a masscare in every corner round the globe. With most of the coutries have declared lockdown, India too would be under lockdown from 25th of march for 21 days. A major initiative to stop the pandemic from further spreading. Staying indoors for a couple of days is fine but for 3 weeks is a tough job. But don't worry, we've got you covered. Here's a list of things you can do to spend your quarantine days bit better.


  • Make time to unwind- take out time for projects that make you happy. Spend time reading, writing, knitting, de-cluttering, painting, meditating or doing yoga — whatever you enjoy. Now is the time to explore your hobbies.

  • Exercise to promote good health- physical activity of any kind helps boost and support the immune system. It’s also a great tool for managing anxiety and stress and will help you pass time throughout the day.

  • Be mindful to support your immune system- Mindfulness, which can be defined as present moment awareness, has been growing in popularity more and more each year, and now is a great time to try it out for yourself. Just five minutes of meditation each day can help you reset your mind and your perspective.

  • Takebreaks from the news- Taking breaks from the news and social media helps distance yourself, even a little, from what’s going on and avoid getting overwhelmed. When you’re spending time doing another activity, you’re automatically removing yourself from the barrage of news and social media that can be hard to avoid.

  • Remind yourself why- do not forget even for once why you’re practicing isolation or quarantine. It’s to keep not only ourselves safe but our older neighbors down the street, our parents and others we care about who may be extra vulnerable.

  • Drink plenty of water- Dehydration doesn’t make anyone feel good, so make sure you’re getting 6-8 glasses of water each day. This will be a great habit to take with you once your self-quarantine period has ended.

  • Get some rest and relaxation- While binging on TV for the whole day will get old quickly, you should still take time every day to switch off and relax. Turn off the news and stay away from other virus alerts for an hour, and get cosy with a good book, movie, TV show or whatever entertainment takes your fancy.

  • Get plenty of sleep- Keeping a routine of going to bed and getting up at the same time will help you sleep better and feel rested during the day.

Stay home stay safe, peeps. To protect yourself, your family, friends, your loved ones and even your society. This too shall pass.

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