Common Mistakes People Do Which Lead To Hair Damage


Hair damage is one of the leading problems faced by every second person. Be it hair fall, greying, dandruff or dry and fizziness. Although the reasons can be many, major issue occurs due to a change in lifestyle and the way you handle them. Although at times certain medical condition might lead to hair damage, there are a few things which we do on a daily basis that causes the problem. Your hair too needs love and care.

Tying your hair too tightly- this might lead to breakage and hair fall. Use of bad quality elastic causes breakage. While making a bun or a ponytail secure it with pins or rubber-band just enough for it to stay and not too tight to avoid further damage.

Combing your hair wet- one of the major mistake people make is combing hair when it is wet. This is the easiest way to lose your hair. Wet hairs are weak and are highly prone to breakage. Also, forceful rinsing causes hair damage. Let your hair dry naturally in the air rather than rubbing towels or squeezing the water out until dry.

Excessive usage of chemicals- the term natural beauty applies to your hair as well. The more you use hair colours, gels and sprays, the more vulnerable your hair becomes. No matter how “chemical-free” it is, too much use of gels and sprays will lead to hair damage.

Shampoo- if you’re dealing with dandruff, try natural remedies instead of anti-dandruff and anti-hair fall shampoos. These products when used for a prolonged period causes discolouration, breakage and damages the quality of your hair overall.

Too much use of heat- prolonged exposure to dryers, straighteners and curlers causes split ends, frizziness and breakage. Your hair may look better for a limited time but too much heat leads to long term hair damage.

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