Why your shampoo might be causing dandruff and itching


Dandruff, one of the most common hair problems faced by many of us. These tiny white flakes can sometimes be the cause of embarrassment as well. Before diving into the reasons of what can cause dandruff, let us first know what exactly dandruff is. It is a condition of our scalp which causes flaking of our scalp and at times causes irritation and inflammation. Dandruff can occur due to many reasons. It can be due to any medical condition, use of wrong hair care product, hormonal imbalance or it can also be genetical.

Scalp condition- one of the leading condition which can cause dandruff is a scalp condition known as seborrhea can dermatitis. People with such condition have irritated, oily scalp and are more prone to dandruff. The condition is mostly caused by a fungus that lives on the scalp and survives on the oil secreted by hair follicles.

Hair care product- usage of wrong hair product can cause irritation, inflammation and flaking of scalp. This problem can be more prone to people with sensitive scalp. In fact, your anti dandruff shampoo can also be a reason to make your dandruff more aggressive. Over usage of anti dandruff shampoo can make your scalp more dry and itchy thus worsening the condition. Use a neutral pH shampoo. Also, products with oil content may also cause dandruff as yeast feeds on oil.

Product residue- at times dandruff is not caused by the yeast or medical condition but are caused by product buildup. It is caused by the residue of hair care products such as gels, sprays and mousses which tends to stay on your hair and scalp for a longer period thus causes flakes and irritation.

Shampooing your hair- the white flakes are embarrassing and one of the quickest escape is hair wash but too often or too light shampooing can also cause dandruff. Washing your hair on a daily basis can wash off the natural oils from your scalp thus making your scalp dry and itchy. But if you avoid washing your hair for long duration can lead to dirt buildup and more oil which may worsen the situation. For better results wash your hair on every 3rd or 4th day.

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