Skin sin- wearing makeup to bed


A flawless skin is hands down a pure bliss. Glowing, spotless plump skin is every girl’s dream. While some chose to go bare skin, many of us take shelter of make-up. Be it just a mascara or kohl or lipstick or a full fledged ‘transformation’. No matter how frequently you wear your favourite makeup or how skin friendly it is, there are a few do’s and dont’s which are often overlooked.


Irrespective of your skin type and the cosmetics you chose as per your skin type, the products might cause certain harm to your skin. The major mistake we might do is sleeping with the make up. One rule you should abide by is never go to bed with that layer of makeup on your skin. You should love your skin day in and day out, quite literally. Your skin needs to breathe. When you sleep with your makeup on, your pores are obstructed and thus causing clogged pores. You might wake up to sudden outbreak. No matter how suitable the makeup is for your skin, it contains chemicals and if your skin is exposed to chemicals for prolonged period of time, it can cause irritation in the long term. Also, your eyes are sensitive organs and that mascara or kohl or eyeshadows can cause damage to a certain extend. You may have seen creams and products to fight spots and lose skin but if you remover your makeup at night before dozing off you can put these problems away in the first place. Some products do not have sunscreen mixed and thus can be one of the reasons for skin damage due to exposure to sun. Your makeup can also add to more dryness or oily skin problems. To avoid such troubles, wash off your favourite makeup at night and apply a mild moisturiser for your skin rejuvenate.


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