Eating these foods is bad for your skin


Skin, our body’s largest organ, requires equal amount of love and care as other organs. Though the skin type varies from person to person, the underlying treatment process or the basic needs remains the same. Just like your other organs, healthy skin relies majorly on proper nutrition. While some foods can contribute to healthy, glowing skin, some food on the other hand can be one of the causes for several skin ailments such as dry and patchy skin or pigments and even acne. Here’s a list of foods you must avoid to maintain a good health of your skin.

Refined carbohydrates- food such as processed sugar and refined flour as refined carbs. They can be the reason for sudden breakouts, they may increase the sebum thus causing clogged pores. They won’t stop there, refined carbs are also related to early skin ageing as well. Try to switch your refined sugar with natural sweetness like honey, fruit juices with whole fruits, packed and processed foods with wholesome homemade food.


Salt- too much of anything is always a bad choice. Our body needs certain amount of salt but too much it can cause water retention to a greater extend causing puffiness and swelling. Avoid packaged and processed food as they are loaded with salt and sodium content. Prepare meals at home from fresh ingredients so that you can keep a check on the salt consumption.


Fast food- this is a known fact, fast foods aren’t good for your overall health any given day. They provide minimum nutrition and are the major reason for your healths downfall. They can cause skin problems like acne, inflammation, premature aging and pigmentation. For a brighter glowing skin, replace fast foods with whole foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grain products.


Alcohol- what’s a weekend celebration without alcohol? Once in a while is still fine but regular consumption of alcohol deteriorate your healthy being. It affects your liver and a bad liver condition reflects on your skin as well. Also, alcohol causes dehydration thus making your skin pale and dry. Limit your alcohol intakes.


Caffeine- morning without coffee is unimaginable. But did you know too much caffeine throughout the day can be bad choice for your health? Caffeine might cause dehydration and can hike up the cortisol levels which can further lead to inflammation. Try not to exceed more than 3 cups in a day or better switch to herbal teas which are soothing as well as good for detoxification.

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