Before Holi & After Holi Care For Your Hair & Skin


Holi, one of the most favourite festival in India. Popularly known as the festival of colours, the time is around the corner. The day entirely dedicated to colours, water, laughter, desserts, thandai and yes, of course, peppy Bollywood songs, Holi is played not just in India but it has now travelled places around the globe. but as much as this day brings joy and happiness to almost everyone, the aftereffect of it is not so happening. The day might make you happy but the chemicals used in the colour might sadden your hair and skin. You need not worry much about it though. Here’s a list of things you can do to protect your skin and hair from damage.

1.The best and an age-old remedy is applying oil onto your hair and skin before heading out to play with vibrant colours. Use pure coconut oil for best results. You may even use almond oil for the skin as it helps to retain the moisture of your skin. Rub Vaseline or petroleum jelly on the lips to keep it moist and protect them from drying up.

2.If you are not ok with putting oil on your face, apply a sunscreen to protect it from harmful sun rays. If you have dry and sensitive skin, apply sunscreen wait for some time and then apply a moisturizer.

3. You might use a hair serum or a leave-on mask or conditioner and chuck the oiling part. You can also go for a serum with sunscreen as it will protect your hair from damage caused by direct sun exposure, its easily available in the market.

4.Post Holi, use a homemade ubtan of curd, besan (gram flour), turmeric and honey. You can add a little amount of semolina or suji to make a scrub. For added benefit, mix aloe vera gel as well. It will help you get the moisture back.

5. Braid your hair or pull it up in a bun. Open hair absorbs more colour and water as compared to the tied ones but makes sure you don’t tie it to tightly or use any accessories as wet hair are weak and when ties too tight or accessories pull it more thus making them more prone to breakage. If you have short hair, wear a cap or a scarf or even a bandana. Wear a plastic shower cap beneath the cap if possible.

6.Cover up your body as much as you can to avoid direct contact with the harmful colours.

7. If you have oily skin or you are prone to acne, rub your face with an ice cube for at least 5-10 minutes before oil or sunscreens. This will close pores and reduces the chances of acne.

8.The colours are vibrant but are harsh on your skin and at times stubborn too. It might not come off in one go but do not hurry and try to use a detergent soap. Never do that. It will worsen the situation even more.

For better results, try out from our range of hair and skin care products such as onion shampoo and face cream.


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