5 mistakes we make with our skin


Skin, the largest organ of human body is also one of the most exposed organ. It requires utmost care and protection. But there are certain mistakes we make unknowingly which can affect the health of our skin.

1. Avoid washing your face before going to bed- it might not seem so important to wash your face before you hit the bed but this is equally important. Avoiding this ritual is one of the worst things you can do to your skin. If you’re some one who wears make up quite often, it’s even more essential that you wash your face before bed. Your skin needs time to breathe. Also, make remover wipes cannot be a replacement to this. Those wipes are just to remove your make and should be followed by rinsing with water.

2. Using exfoliating scrubs excessively- using an exfoliate once a while is a good idea but making it an everyday affaires is the last thing you would want to do to your skin. Over exfoliating can tear away the natural oil of your skin making it more dry, rough and vulnerable.

3. Not using sunscreen on a daily basis- yes you heard me right. You need sunscreen every single day irrespective of the weather and the climate outside. Exposures to sun can cause sunspots, sunburns and other skin damage and at times prolonged exposure can also lead to skin cancer. For better results use a moisturiser and sunscreen or any good moisturiser with SPF 30 at least.

4. Using any and every DIY stuff- the internet is full of DIY ideas to make your skin healthier but that does not mean you will try everything and anything. Not all skin types responds to every suggestions similarly. Sure they are homemade and most of the ingredients are the ones right from your kitchen but certain ingredients like lemon or turmeric or certain natural essential oils can cause irritation and dryness.

5. Not giving importance to your diet- for a healthy glowing skin, proper diet is equally essential. Skip too much sugary products, avoid packaged and processed food as much as possible. Include fibre and fresh fruits and vegetables. Make sure you do not dehydrate yourself. To soft supple skin, drink at lest 8-10 glasses of water.


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